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We think that everyone deserves to see the world clearly. That’s why we’ve committed ourselves to offering people of all ages with the greatest eye care possible.


MantraCare Health Private limited (Owned and managed by Himanshu Jain) operates LaserLasikSurgery

MantraCare aims to offer world-class eye care at low prices to ‘All’ sectors of society.

Everything that MantraCare makes is donated to the MantraCare Foundation (NGO), which provides free eye care to the underserved.


  • Largest eye care chain in Delhi
  • 10+ Branches in India & Aboard
  • 3000+ successful surgeries
  • 15+ Doctors/ consultants on panel
  • Latest machines

Best Hospital

LASIK surgery is available in many eye hospitals in India, including Shroff Eye Hospital (AIIMS), Sankara Netralaya, and Eye Mantra. Eye Mantra is one of the most prominent LASIK treatment centers in the country, having undergone over 100,000 LASIK operations by its physicians.

We are one of the first few clinics in India to have a Laser Femto Assisted Surgery System. The procedure corrects pre-existing astigmatism with cutting-edge technology. Our top LASIK surgeons in Delhi and other cities use cutting-edge technology with a complete range of premium IOLs to provide the greatest outcomes after LASIK surgery.

Contact our expert eye specialists right now. We aim to increase the quality of life and deliver high-quality eye care services at reasonable costs.

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Our Founding Team

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Shri Krishan Kumar

“I have thoughts, I create them and come up with a unique idea- I am an entrepreneur.”

Shri Krishan Kumar, a veteran business and investment professional with 40 years of industry experience, founded PTC Technocrats at the age of 16. He worked hard to establish it as one of India’s largest agricultural equipment companies. He has been the driving force behind all of our efforts, serving as our inspiration.


Dr. Shweta Jain

“A doctor, a professor, a philanthropist and a compassionate mother”

Dr. Shweta Jain is an experienced senior eye surgeon with over ten years of expertise. She has completed more than 1,000 operations to date (incl. cataract, lasik, vitrectomy & corneal repair), all of which were successfully completed. Dr. Shweta obtained her MBBS and DNB from Kasturba Medical and Mohan Eye Institute, respectively. In addition, Dr. Shweta also holds a Masters in Hospital Administration from Doane University in Nebraska, USA.

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Himanshu Jain

“Yes, I am a risk-taker, that’s the courage an entrepreneur should have.”

Himanshu Jain is a seasoned entrepreneur with a graduate degree from SRCC/CBS, MBA from ISB and a CFA. He also has a CFA certification. Himanshu has over 10 years of professional expertise, including positions at Mckinsey as a strategy and operations consultant and as the creator of an successful firm – LegalRaasta.

Our Facilities

Slit Lamp
Post Operative Care
Excimer Laser Machine
Femto Lasik Machine
Femto Lasik Machine
Eyemantra Delhi Front
Eyemantra Delhi

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