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Advanced LASIK Technology.

Over the course of two decades, technological improvements in Lasik Lasers have revolutionized the field of vision eye surgery and improved safety, efficacy, and predictability. With exceptional precision, Excimer Laser used in Lasik Surgery can reshape the stromal bed surface of the corneal layer. The result is a permanent, corrective vision change.

There are a variety of FDA-approved Lasik Laser Technology on the market in Delhi; however, one is not necessarily “better” than another. The ideal Lasik Laser for preparing for vision correction surgery depends on particular factors such as the type and degree of vision error, pupil size, cornea thickness, surgeon’s experience, and patient’s budget. The skills and experience of a Lasik surgeon are more important and far more essential factors in determining whether or not Lasik is appropriate for final results than minor variances in laser technology.

The FDA has established strict standards for laser eye surgery, which ensures that all approved Lasik lasers meet safety and efficacy requirements. The patterns of delivering the laser beam & tracking system of laser beam during surgery are the main differences among these technologies:

  • Flying Spot Scanning Lasers
  • Slit scanning Lasers

Wavefront technology is used to create the maps. These maps are called customized Lasik or Wavefront Guided Lasik or Wavefront Optimized Lasik, and they map the aberration or irregularity in the eye’s optical system with the help of equipment, guiding lasers whether spot or slit scanning to reshape the corneal surface and deliver clearer and sharper vision. The wavefront technology used by LASIK+ incorporates individualized vision correction. Wavefront-guided vision correction surgery is possible with both slit scanning and flying spot scanning lasik lasers systems.

Although there are a number of FDA-approved Lasik procedures available in Delhi, the abilities of the surgeon, expertise, and suitability to undergo Lasik surgery as a candidate are all crucial elements in determining success.

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Contoura Vision Lasik Surgery (Topo Guided Laser Technology).

Contoura Vision Lasik Surgery – Cost in Delhi INR 65,000 (Both Eyes) with 100% Blade Free Technology. A Topography Guided Lasik Surgery – Contoura Vision LASIK is a topographer-guided lasik procedure that uses the latest FDA approved technology to enhance eyesight and correct astigmatism. Contoura LASIK provides comprehensive details of the corneal structures which is very useful during the highly personalized surgical procedure. The latest topographer measures all the unique, and previously immeasurable, characteristics of the patient’s eyes. This allows for a more detailed and customized treatment plan that leads to better vision results.