Cost of Lasik (Laser specs removal), PRK, Contoura, SMILE & ICL surgery in Nizamuddin

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What is the cost of Lasik Surgery in Nizamuddin?

Lasik surgery is a popular eye surgery that can improve your vision. There are several types of Lasik surgery, but the most common is the lasik procedure called laser lasik. The cost of lasik surgery depends on a number of factors, including the severity of your vision problems and the type of lasik procedure you choose. However, the average cost for lasik surgery in Nizamuddin is around Rs. 30,000. So if you’re looking to improve your vision and are comfortable with the risks involved, Lasik surgery is a great option.

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Factors determining Lasik surgery cost in Nizamuddin

There are several factors that can affect the cost of Lasik surgery in Nizamuddin. The type of procedure, the experience of the surgeon, and the location of the surgery are some of the main factors that will impact price.
Type of Procedure: The type of Lasik procedure you have will affect the cost. There are two main types of Lasik: custom Lasik and traditional Lasik. Custom Lasik usually costs more because it is a more complex procedure.

Experience of the Surgeon: The experience of the surgeon is another factor that can affect cost. surgeons who have performed more Lasik procedures will typically charge more than those who have less experience.

Location of the Surgery: The location of the surgery can also affect cost. Lasik procedures performed in big cities will usually cost more than those performed in smaller towns. This is because the overhead costs, such as rent and staff salaries, are higher in big cities.

Discounts: Some surgeons offer discounts for certain groups of people, such as military personnel or seniors. Be sure to ask your surgeon if they offer any discounts.

Financing: Many people finance their Lasik surgery. There are a number of companies that offer to finance Lasik surgery. Be sure to shop around and compare interest rates before you decide on a financing company.


Lasik cost packages available in Nizamuddin

The cost of Lasik surgery varies based on the technology / procedure used. The cheapest Lasik surgery is C-Lasik which starts at Rs. 10,000 / eye. At Eye Mantra Nizamuddin, we offer affordable Lasik surgery starting Rs 10,000. At Eye Mantra Nizamuddin, we also offer EMI/ Cashless & Insurance facilities. Below are Lasik cost packages offered at our eye centers in Nizamuddin:

ProcedureRecovery TimeRisks (Dislocation / flap tearing)Suitability (High power / thin cornea)Key BenefitPrice/Eye (₹)
Standard LASIK In Nizamuddin30 daysHighBasic standard surgery for specs removal12,000
C LASIK In Nizamuddin15 daysHighCustomized to cornea16,000
Contoura In Nizamuddin3 daysLowCorneal polishing and aberration removal for super vision.25,000
TransPRK In Nizamuddin3 daysLowOne step procedure: Bladeless, Flapless, Touchless, and Safest32,000
Femto LASIK In Nizamuddin3 daysHighLaser used to create flap40,000
ICL Surgery In Nizamuddin3 daysMediumEye lens replaced with a new lens40,000
SMILE In Nizamuddin7 daysLowLaser used to extract eye tissue for vision correction80,000

Which insurances / panels companies cover Lasik surgery cost in Nizamuddin?

Almost all insurance companies cover the cost of Lasik surgery (provided glasses number is > 7.5) including Oriental, Star health, HDFC Ergo, ICICI Lombard, Care, New India, National, United India, Bajaj Allianz, Chola Mangalam, Aditya Birla, Bharti Axa, Cigna, Future Generali, IFFCO Tokio, Max Bupa, Reliance, Kotak Mahindra, Sbi General, Tata Aig, Universal Sompo, PNB & Go Digit.

Who is the Best LASIK Surgeon in Nizamuddin?

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced LASIK surgeon in Nizamuddin, then Dr. Shweta Jain is the best option for you. She has performed over 1,000 LASIK surgeries and her patients have always given her positive feedback. Her experience and skill make her one of the most qualified surgeons in the area.

Which is the Best LASIK eye hospital in Nizamuddin?

If you’re considering getting laser eye surgery, it’s important to choose the right hospital. There are many great LASIK eye hospitals in Nizamuddin, but which one is the best for you? To find out, we consulted with Eyemantra, one of India’s largest and most reputable LASIK eye clinics. According to them, the best LASIK eye hospital in Nizamuddin is Eyemantra. Eyemantra has a long history of success with LASIK surgery and offers a wide range of services, from general consultations to laser surgeries. They have multiple locations throughout Nizamuddin, so you can be sure to find one close by if you’re interested in getting surgery there.